Today it's the most wonderful day of the week, so Friday and I think I'm not alone that it's a favorite day. You get home from school and sit in bed, open a chocolate and watch youtube. But that's when you get it. I have HOMEWORK to do!!!

I`m a person is not a pluggis. I wish I was there but, bye, I have to take it up to the last day. But that's just the way I am. Now I have decided that I'm going to owl because I have so much to next week. Now you will see what I have for homework for next week: 1. Physics - write clear lab report 2. Spanish - vocabulary 3rd story - practice the presentation that I will report to the class. 3. matte - count three pages in the math book 4. Sport - practice the dance dance that I will report for the class 5. English - write a clear story. So that's my homework I'll do this weekend, fun weekend! or not. Aja now I do not have time to write more because I have to write that damn lab raproten. Wish me good luck.


This is an easy question, according to me, everyone knows that sleep is important. And that you get the energy the next morning when you wake up but there is a problem. How do you fall asleep on time?

Sleeping at the right time is not easy at all. When you say good night to your frothers and go to bed in bed, thinking about sleeping. That's when it happens, that's when you get a snap of a friend and then you start snap half past night.

But when the clock has passed twelve, you have to sleep for sure, I will not be able to do the next day. But that's when you get a new snap from a friend and there are few msn starting to snap again.


If you feel every morning when you wake up on a daily basis "no, not back to hell again" then the school you are not alone, so I feel too. You know that anxiety you get when you wake up and know that you have a test but not plugged is not fun. So, therefore, I will make both your and my schooling easier by giving three wonderful tips on how the school gets fun!

Getting to school and opening their closet to pick up books and leave the bag is not fun if the cabinet is gray, boring and completely unorganized. But then I have the ultimate hug of just the one who feels so. Just decorate your closet and organize a little. It is not that difficult.

When you get home from school and everything is easy, that's when you think "yes, at last home from hell, now I'm gonna look at youtube" But once you lie in your bed and look up at the desk and see that there is a high With homework needed is done until the next day. Sadly, but it has to be done. A set of getting the homework to be fun can be to have it organized and tidy and neat on the desk.

To sit on the lesson and write in their boring buying writing books, one can do their own. Just print some paper or draw a nice pattern on the booklet, so it can be very nice. You will be happier when you see it if it's colored and there's a good quote on it if it's gray and boring.

Here you can read more about me and my family if you misst it

If you go to the link, you can read a little more about me and my big family, where I tell you about who I live with and everything. But keep in mind that I will never tell some of my family members real names or friends so I'll only find my own fake name.


Waking up in the morning and being ill is not that fun. And that's when I started thinking I'd have a really damn pissed day. But suddenly that's not the way to think. Here you get three tips on how to make your damn pissed sick day a good day and make you well.

Staying in bed and stretching can be a good way to feel better, you do not lie in bed all day, because then you get tired and you just feel sicker. Then you have to go to bed for a while and stretch and then go up and eat.

To have a good breakfast for at least that my whole day will be good, so it may hurt if you are ill. Take some natural yogurt and pour some granola and some berries. Then it's always good with some fruit because fruit gets a lot of engergi, so pour some banana or something else.

It is always good to take some little restless moments when you is ill so you save a little bit of effort. Do some hot tea and read a book or watch a movie or some good series. But do not rest for too long, then you'll only get even more tired and your eyes will look quite sick. And you dont want to take care of that.


Have you felt that you want to be in two places at the same time ?

good, for I have that

It's like being insufficient, at least I feel. I mean you are on the flight and will land in 3 minutes and it's just when you start thinking, "why am I sitting here on my plane to Spain, I want to go skiing and Austria". But then you're up and feeling the heat and you think it's amazing until it's been 5 days, then you get tired (or maybe I'm only a bad patience, do not know) but for a while, I'm beginning to long for Something completely different, then I want winter.


Everyone wants to be handsome so why not make the optimal way to be nice, so paint your nails. It's no big deal to do, but it will be nice. Here you have three different tips on how to control your nails so that they rock.

 If you want to stand out a bit more and go crazy, paint all the colors you find in your nail luggage box. It's not hard to paint with different colors on the nails. It's just making different layers with different happy colors. After all, it does not hurt to have any glitter.

Common nails without nail polish can be nice if you fix them but if you do not, they look boring. Paint on a bit of color, they look amazing. It does not have to be a lot of glitter and small shapes on the nails. It's only enough color.

It may be a little sad to just have a color on all nails. Then you can put on glitter on three of the nails eg On the thumb, the middle finger and the ring finger. It may be nice to vary a bit, but remember to take a lot of glitter.

All people are different so why would not their nails be different. Here are three tips on how to make your nails beautiful. If you do not think any of these tips are nice, there are always other ways you can do it.


A little bit dizzy from me

Another good tip is to have a theme in your room, for example a kind of color like pink or rose gold. Or you can have a theme with things like have many light candles or just normely candles. 

 I think it's important that everything is clean and organized. sen, I have a nice good tipping and it makes you feel like a real hotel . It's to have white sheets because then the room looks clean and fresh.

So that was a bit dumped from me who loves decor and that a room looks nice. It may sound strange but I love to clean and hurricane and do fine. I can for example clean my sister Crystels room or clean the kitchen. And it estimated the family.


My name is Cajsa, I'm 12 years young and I have always been interested in writing so why not start? I think writing is like a shortcut in life. I mean that you can always look back on what happened last week, for example. I have written as long as I can remember. I'm absolutely sure I started writing a diary when I was seven years old. But now I have come to a point in life where I want to share my opinions with you who read (if there are any who do that) That was my little short story of how I started writing, now you know a little about me.

Don't forget to be brave and kind